About Me

Thank you for dropping by the blog!

I’m Ansley Fones, recent graduate of Tufts University and newbie to the real-life work force. Of late, I am sharpening skills and trying to figure out what activities I might enjoy getting paid to do for the next forty or fifty years. My forays into these activities are to be the topic of this blog. And possibly other random things along the way. All things media, marketing, young professionalism, ex-college studentism, and so on and so forth.

I have been lucky enough to earn rent as a social marketing consultant/ video and sound editor/ event coordinator/ blog-writer/ field producer/ Powerpoint guru for a web development company in Memphis, Tennessee.

Before that, I held a part-time position at a local performing arts center, where I had the privilege of contributing by playing with Adobe Photoshop, interesting fonts, and our blog. I had been augmenting that part-time position with retailing at Joe’s Wines and Spirits, a local liquor store which is not directly relevant to the intention of this blog. However, my time of employment there taught me a number of life lessons and provided me with dozens of hilarious stories, and I hope that if we should have the fortune to meet, I might regale you with one.

In the other parts of my life, I’ve moved out of my folks house, I’m learning to appreciate Memphis like I never could in high school, and I’m basically just trying to do the best I can. My mom called me an “adult” the other day. I was shocked. Let’s see if I live up to it.

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